Turbine Oil Test

How the process works

Stage 1. Choose whether you would like a basic or advanced test, Purchase the test and we will send you a test kit in the post.

Stage 2. Take the sample as per the instructions in the pack and post it back to us free post.

Stage 3. We will carry out the examination and then send you a full report with recommendations

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Product Description

Turbine reliability is always critical and oil changes or failure can be expensive.

  • Extreme operating tolerances demand clean fluids.
  • Routine trend analysis is crucial to predictive turbine maintenance – even subtle changes can indicate impending failure.
  • Routine monthly testing can identify the type of wear occurring as well as wear sources.

Steam Turbine

A well-maintained steam turbine oil with moderate makeup rates should last 20 to 30 years. When a steam turbine oil fails early through oxidation, it is often due to water contamination. Water reduces oxidation stability and supports rust formation, which among other negative effects, acts as an oxidation catalyst.

Additional Information

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