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Generator services Hereford Herefordshire and nation wide, Arnold Engineering install and maintain generators in a variety of industries.

We have experience in design, installation and maintenance of generators to many industries, to name a few: financial institutions, data centres, hotels, Poultry Farms, Dairy Farms, residential and office buildings.

We can design, build and install electrical control panels according to the requirements of the project.  We can supply and install control panels for new generator sets and offer upgrades for existing generators already commissioned on site. Once installed we offer end user training to ensure your team can function the control panel correctly.

After Care

We can provide full planned preventive scheduled maintenance to all aspects of your generators design, from full engine servicing to all electrical and mechanical aspects.

Generator servicing and maintenance work is essential for any type of generator.  We recommend  that generators and UPS systems are serviced at least twice a year, to ensure the customer’s disaster recovery plan is fit for purpose and that if needed, the standby generator and UPS system can withstand the customer’s power requirements when a failure occurs.

Our engineers will visit site and undertake an inspection as part of the recommended service plan. After each generator service we will provide the customer with a service report, which will state the work carried out and whether any potential faults were identified during the service.

If requested, we will carry out maintenance work and generator repairs required to ensure the generator and UPS system pass the necessary health and safety regulations and are fit for purpose when needed for an emergency.

Based in Hereford already providing Generator Engineers in to Herefordshires Industrial scene, we Service the UK and globally for all aspects of Generator repair works, including design, installation, testing and emergency fault finding response, right from are base in Hereford. We can also provide solutions to protect your Generator from harm

Field & Factory Repair


In the event of an unplanned outage, the quickest way to return the generator to service is to repair on site.
To arrange an immediate onsite repair please contact us, or in emergency contact Service 24.


Where local conditions prevent repair, Arnold offers a factory repair programme. With skilled engineers and specialist technical equipment on hand, repairs and overhauls can be carried out quickly with a rigorous testing regime to align to orignal exacting tolerances.

Typical repair services include:

  • Generator and motor inspection, refurbishment and testing
  • Stator rewind
  • Bearing inspection replacement or refurbishment
  • Rotor overhaul and end winding refurbishment
  • Rotor-end cap/retaining rings  inspection and NDT testing
  • Rotor rewind
  • Rotor high speed balancing including over speed
  • High voltage testing

Rotor Services

Rotor Balancing

Arnold offers expert and technologically advanced rotor balancing.

  • Low cost rotor balancing
  • Expertise in designing, manufacturing & servicing rotors
  • Investment in the very latest rotor balance technology
  • Urgent 24 hour turnaround capability to minimise downtime

Contact us now to discover rotor balancing at very competitive prices.

Stator Services

For every aspect of generator maintenance, our service is as thorough and well thought through as our approach.  And we like to think our standard services are anything but standard, as they’re carried out with such precision and expertise. Services include:

  • Inspections, electrical and mechanical testing
  • Coil replacement
  • Complete rewind
  • EL-CID, loop test and end winding stiffness (“Bump”) testing and analysis
  • Patented end winding vibration services
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Full or partial re-wedge

End Winding Vibration Resolution Services

Vibration Monitoring Systems

Stator winding vibration monitoring systems provide information on both electrically and mechanically inducted vibrations being experienced on the end windings.  Depending on your set up, the systems can be configured to provide information at the generator itself or via continuous monitoring in the control room.

Exciter Services

From Straight Forward Repairs To Performance Enhancements

Our engineers are experienced in the design, manufacture, maintenance and testing of brushless exciters and they can re-engineer components to improve performance.  If you’re due an upgrade, we can now supply new brushless exciters to our clients too. Our services include:

  • Repairs
  • Rebuilding components
  • Refurbishment program to disassemble all removable components, testing each electrical component to identify its status
  • Component replacement
  • Re-banding services
  • Complete rewinds of the stator and rotor winding assemblies
  • PMG rewinds
  • Full speed balance of all exciter rotors in a state-of-the-art balance facility
  • Emergency excitation services including:
    • Swap-out brushless exciters for use during refurbishments
  • Electrical testing, including:
    •       RTD Resistance Test
    •       RTD Insulation Resistance
    •       Thermocouple Continuity
  • Supply of new brushless exciters
  • Exciter Housing Modifications


Housing Modifications Reduce Risks And Improve Operation

  • BRUSH Service can carry out a Positive Pressure Vent Modification (PPVM) to your existing exciter housing which has been proven to significantly reduce the rate of dirt contamination and mitigate the potential hazard of hydrogen ingress.
  • Housings are modified so the inside pressure is at a higher level than the outside, which reduces the intake of dirt and contamination during operation.

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