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Arable Engineering

Design of Irrigation Systems

We will carefully determine the actual size requirements, taking into account, weather, soils, topography, available energy and water supplies and then design the most cost effective system weather it be needed to be mobile or permanently fixed.

Energy Efficiency

Real energy efficiency is all about ensuring that water is not lifted to a higher level (pressure) than absolutely necessary to run the system. We avoid the use of pressure regulating valves except in exceptional circumstances. This efficiency is achieved, not only by the pump selection, but also by the overall system design.


This comes from careful attention to detail with the engineering and the after care of the systeam in providing the correctly Planned Preventive scheduled Maintenance required for maximum Life of parts and efficiency. We believe that complexity should be limited to meet the actual need, not the latest fashion being marketed by large companies.


We have systems ready to be adapted to your design requirements that can control, monitor and collect data at the click of a button from any where in the world to be able to save water in not over irrigating crops to a burst pipe.


Because of the range of our knowledge in the areas of electrical, mechanical, hydraulic engineering we are able to quickly pin point the cause of problems and propose the most efficient and cost effective solution.

Irrigation Auditing

Over a period of time irrigation systems often seem to lose the brilliance of performance that you remember when it was first commissioned, this can be caused by many reasons witch can be resolved by us auditing the whole system, identify any issues and rectifying the shortfalls at a sensible cost.


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