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Gearbox Oil Test

Gearboxes, differentials, final drives and planetaries should be closely monitored for dirt and water contamination, although the type of wear occurring is usually the biggest concern. Direct Read Ferrography (PQ Index) provides a ratio of large ferrous to small ferrous particles and reports a quantitative value that indicates the amount of ferrous wear occurring.

Analytical Ferrography is a more indepth analysis of ferrous wear that provides digital imagery of the actual particles.

Identifying causes of gearbox failure is a crucial step in preventing future equipment problems. To determine failure root cause we perform both oil analysis and vibration analysis combined with visual inspections. These diagnostic techniques are usually required to monitor the condition of plant machinery and to control the causes of machine failure.


When your gearbox is in need of emergency repair our engineering team are rapidly accessible and work with you to minimise costs and get your gearbox up and running in the shortest possible time.

Repairing an existing gearbox to a good as new standard can cost 40% less than a replacement unit and can even reduce turnaround time from an average 26 weeks to 1 week.

Depending on your gearbox model, our engineers can often conduct repairs on site to ensure downtime is kept to its lowest level. If your gearbox cannot be repaired at site then our team will work to minimise the costs associated with removing your gearbox from its application.

We can repair any type and brand of industrial gearbox ensuring your gearbox is operational in the shortest possible time.


Upgrades are often necessary for gearboxes experiencing repeat failure as a result of an original design flaw or a change in duty cycle or working environment. Arnold Engineering can upgrade the gearbox’s design and architecture to increase its service factor and maximise efficiency. We can rework any gearbox make or model for any industry to ISO 9001:2008.

We can upgrade any make and model of industrial gearbox, establish root cause of failure and engineer performance improvements, reworking older gearbox models to current and future standards improving your gearbox to ensure it performs to new operating needs.


Regular on-site inspections can help identify issues before they cause catastrophic failure and they are an ideal way to reduce emergency repair costs.

Using the latest vibration monitoring technology our specialist service engineers inspect the whole gear system incorporating high risk components such as planet carrier bearings.

Gearbox inspection is vital to ensuring maximum planned availability and we offer this service for any brand of gearbox, right across the globe to support you and your business whenever and wherever you need us.

Site Servicing

Our presence enables the delivery of rapid gearbox support wherever and whenever you need us.

From installation and commissioning through to troubleshooting, failure analysis and gearbox inspection, our engineers are available around the clock to support you and your business.

Based in Hereford already providing Gear Box Engineers in to Herefordshires Industrial scene, we Service the UK and globally for all aspects of Gear Box repair works, including design, installation, testing and emergency fault finding response, right from are base in Hereford. We can also provide solutions to protect your Gear Boxes from harm

If you are in need of emergency gearbox service and repair call our 24 hour emergency helpline on: +44 (0)1432 367685

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