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Electrical Energy Surveys


Arnold Engineering uses Power and Energy loggers for conducting single and three-phase energy and load studies to discover where savings are possible.

Using the latest technologies in electrical power monitoring equipment, Arnold Engineering can conduct electrical load monitoring in a wide range of operating environments from your Home to Office complexes, Schools, Colleges, Large retail outlets, Supermarkets, Hospitals and Industrial parks, Machinery and much more.

We analyse power consumption and provide detailed reports on true power usage, maximum demand, reactive power, harmonic content, operating power factor and operating voltages. Our reports focus on systems and equipment that contribute to poor energy efficiency, power factor and poor power quality and then we identify a solution whether that be power factor correction, harmonic filtration systems or recommendations for replacement of inefficient equipment.

A power monitoring survey also acts as a useful tool to reduce ASC and to identify voltage violations caused by process loads and upstream problems on electricity Distribution Network Operator (DNO) networks.

We can also conduct a post installation survey to show the benefits that a power quality survey can bring coupled with support for clients to amend the tariff structure.

Electrical Energy Surveys

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