Hydraulic Oil Test

How the process works

Stage 1. Choose whether you would like a basic or advanced test, Purchase the test and we will send you a test kit in the post.

Stage 2. Take the sample as per the instructions in the pack and post it back to us free post.

Stage 3. We will carry out the examination and then send you a full report with recommendations

Oil Sample Guide

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Product Description

Hydraulic oils perform several crucial tasks. They provide the required lubrication and heat transfer in the compartments to achieve optimum performance. Scheduled Oil Analysis is an excellent way to maintain the balance between the premature failure and both proactive or reactive maintenance.

These systems operate under extremely close tolerances demanding regular monitoring for fluid cleanliness. Particle contamination is the most common hydraulic system failure mode leading to wear and damage to the fine tolerances of valves, motors and actuators.

Filtering and condition monitoring are used in conjunction with each other to prevent system failure. A condition monitoring program will analyse hydraulic fluids for particle contamination from dirt and wear metals, corrosion due to water, and lacquer build up due to degradation or additive depletion.

Particulae contamination is the most important test we perform on Hydraulic oils, tests on contamination levels to NAS 1638 and ISO 4406 standards are carried out in the labs. A patch is produced from the oil sample from which tests are carried out to count particles using an automatic particle count equipment.

Fluid is the lifeblood of every hydraulic system – as such it is essential to keep your hydraulic system operating efficiently and effectively. Considering 80% of all hydraulic system failures are caused by poor fluid condition, an effective fluid analysis program will help identify contamination and other problems not visible to the naked eye.


  • Reduce potential catastrophic equipment failures
  • Maintain, optimum component performance
  • Identify any substandard filtration and maintenance practices
  • Overall increased productivity.

Oil Sample Guide

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