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Applying for an OZEV grant; a step by step guide

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The EVHS, or Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme, is a grant provided by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV), aimed at offering an additional incentive to UK EV drivers.


The grant offers up to £350 off the cost of purchasing and installing a charging unit at your property, and can be claimed on the majority of fully electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles currently available on today’s market. To find out more about the grant and if you are eligible, click here or feel free to contact us at or 01432 367685


How to Apply:


To claim the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme grant of up to £350 off of your home charger and installation, you will just need to answer a few questions, which our team can help you with, you can get the online form here – Annex D: Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme Installation Form (V.2.4)

We can help advise you to answer any questions about filling out the form, or you can refer to our step by step walk through below.


Please make sure to read the form thoroughly and follow the instructions. 


Part A: registered keeper/primary user declaration


Section 1

This section is where you enter your information, including your installation address and contact details.

The online form is sent through Signable and will have automatically filled out boxes 1-5, which includes:

  • Name of primary vehicle user
  • Installation address
  • Customer phone number
  • Customer email address
  • Vehicle make and model


If you currently own the vehicle, only fill out box 6, which asks for your Vehicle Registration Number (VRN) or Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).


If your vehicle is currently on order, only fill out box 7, which will ask for your estimated delivery date and one of the following identification numbers:

  • Order number
  • Reference number
  • Arrangement number
  • Agreement number
  • Enquiry/Quotation number

This identification number is required if your vehicle is on order; if you don’t have one of the above, contact your vehicle provider who will be able to help with the required information.


Once you’ve filled in the relevant boxes, you’ll then need to fill out your name, sign and date the section before moving on to section 2.


Section 2

In this section, you’ll need to confirm your customer type by selecting ONE of the four options.

Each option will include what will be accepted as evidence.

  • I am the registered keeper/I have ordered the vehicle
  • I am leasing or have a finance agreement for this vehicle
  • I am the nominated user of an employer vehicle
  • I have leased the vehicle as part of a salary-sacrifice scheme


Section 3

Leave this section blank


Section 4

This section includes 11 boxes with statements regarding eligibility.


ALL boxes must be read and ticked to confirm the statement has been understood for an OZEV application to be approved; if you have any issues with any of the statements or any additional questions, please contact your Homecharge adviser and they will be able to assist.


Section 5

This section is your customer declaration. Please make sure to read the declaration in this section fully and then sign and date.


Once you’ve completed the form, it will be sent off to the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) to review.

Review of your application can take a few weeks and you may be approved or denied.

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