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The Beefy Boys

Keeping a Busy Restaurant Serving

Project : Ventilation Control System
Client : The Beefy Boys

The Beefy Boys is a very busy food restaurant in Hereford that kept having multiple faults with a cheap and old Ventilation control panel system casing massive of amounts of down time and huge disruptions to customers telling them there table would now not be happening because there grills were down because of the cheap Ventilation control panel currently installed.

Arnold came in and provided a solution to all the down time by designing and installing a new ventilation control panel that was not only reliable but also provided solutions to switch on back up control valves that were not an option to them before with the old Ventilation control panel and caused down time, but now they have piece of mind that not only to they have a control system that is reliable, provides double the safety precautions to there staff and customers they also have back up solutions they can use if problems do strike with faulty applications that it controls.

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